40 Endorsements from Leading Experts

Endorsements From Industry Leaders And Legends

With Lew and Jeremy Nason’s exclusive Found Money Management™ system you can achieve more than you ever imagined possible!

Brian Tracy, Renowned Speaker, Sales Trainer and AuthorTracy began his career in the financial services industry where he built a large sales organization. He is one of America’s “most booked” speakers.

Working with IPS, there is no reason on earth why you can not become a sales super-star who ranks equally among MDRT all-time sales leaders like Ben Feldman, Norman G. Levine, Lew Nason, Tom Wolff, John Savage, Guy Baker, Walton Rogers, and other top producers.

Mehdi Fakharzadeh, RFC – “MDRT Life Member”World’s most successful living and active insurance sales agent according to the MDRT.

Lew Nason, RFC, FMM, is a highly respected, proven and admired practice building coach. He has been particularly effective in guiding financial services advisors to increased effectiveness and higher sales.

Edwin P. Morrow, CLU, ChFC, CEP – Former Chairman & CEO of the International Association of Registered Financial 

We all love Lew Nason. How could you not be impressed with the man who earned fame for turning ‘nine-out-of-ten’ prospects into satisfied clients! I wish I had met Lew when I was selling insurance.

Charles “Tremendous” Jones, Author of the two-million copy best-seller Life Is Tremendous. International speaker and former “top five world-wide insurance sales producer.”

I only endorse people and companies I truly believe in. The Insurance Pro Shop, with Lew Nason and his sons Will and Jeremy are the ONLY insurance marketing and sales training organization we recommend.

Rodney Ballance Jr., FIC, CCIA Speaker, Author and Founder of the International Financial Leadership Association

Lew Nason has a special gift for putting into simple words the essential wisdom that remains forever effective for increasing financial sales and service. Plus he adds super-important new knowledge that is uniquely his alone. Nason imparts these understandings so effectively that his priceless knowledge remains fresh and usable in the minds of agents and planners long after his training sessions are over. It is obvious that Lew walks his talk.

Charles “Tremendous” Jones, Author of the two-million copy best-seller Life Is Tremendous. International professional speaker and former “top five world-wide insurance sales producer.

I began by selling financial services and I can assure you that Lew Nason is one of our greatest authorities on improving financial sales!

Brian Tracy, International Sales Trainer, Speaker and Author Tracy began his career in the financial services industry where he built a large sales organization. He is one of America’s “most booked” speakers.

As a former agent myself (for almost 20 years) and someone who regularly talks with hundreds of agents nationwide, I think Jeremy, Will and Lew Nason’s training systems and personal coaching are the absolute best investment any financial advisor can make in his or her own business – period. Because I am certain that anyone who follows their instruction will become financially successful in this business. And if I was managing an agency today, I would insist that ALL my agents use the methods and systems offered by Insurance Pro Shop.

I greatly appreciate your efforts and all you do to promote the well being of America and Americans. You are a hero that many look up to. You and your passion have created a library of really great, creative work that is uplifting the financial professionals.

Paul Cross, IL, Founder of the Annuity National Brokerage Corp. (30+ years)

As a coach for financial advisors and other professionals, I was delighted to have the opportunity to attend one of Jeremy and Lew Nason’s Insurance Pro Shop workshops. I had heard about the success that Jeremy’s and Lew’s workshop graduates were having, and wanted to see for myself what magical formula they might be using to generate that success. I quickly saw that this was an opportunity to sit at the feet of a Master at insurance sales, watching financial advisors being taught to sell from the heart and attract business through existing clients. It’s a formula I believe in, taught by someone whose passion and skill make it almost impossible not to improve your business. If you’re an insurance producer and you’re tired of being good at what you do, but not knowing how to have the kind of business you can be proud of, make the decision to invest in one of their incredible programs. Stop whining about the economy, or the competition, or… whatever, and arrange immediately to attend Lew’s next workshop.

Sandy Schussel, Life and Business Coach, Author of… Become A Client Magnet

Lew and Jeremy, Thanks for inviting me to attend your ‘Found Money Management™ Training Boot Camp.’ For an accomplished producer, author and trainer in his 69th year to attend a boot camp of any kind may seem odd to those with a jaded outlook on living and learning. I want them to know something they don’t. I learned and re-learned more in two days with you than I learned in almost 40 years of continuing education training and self-study. You have put together the strongest and most straightforward marketing and sales training program I have ever experienced, and you deliver it impeccably. I have already recommended this program to over two dozen of the largest producers in the country and will continue to promote it in any way I can. If someone’s aim is greatness in financial sales, he or she needs your training programs.

Jeffrey Reeves, MA, Author of Money for Life

Specific efforts produce specific results. The ‘nine-out-of-ten guy’ proves this!

Harvey Mackay, Author, Swim With The Sharks

Lew is the founder of the Insurance Pro Shop “The 9 out of 10 Guy’s.”  He is a specialist in helping agents boost their life and annuity sales and has helped 1,000’s of agents do just that! Lew shares proven success secrets and strategies that have been PROVEN over many years of success.  (He doesn’t teach theory!)

Mister Nason makes a great point – in selling and in the rest of our life, – our biggest enemy is ourselves! I have found the best way to overcome this issue is to set aside all thoughts of ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘focus on the client’ Always doing what is in their best interest is not only good for the client, it brings amazing results for the insurance agent or financial planner. The advisor can sleep at night, and have his revenue grow at the same time.

Katherine Vessenes, JD, CFP, RFC Vessenes is one of America’s leading compliance authorities.

Lew Nason is great! He is great for our industry.”

H. Stephen Bailey, CEBA, LUTCF, CEP, RFC® Founder and President of HB Financial Resources, Ltd., President of the IARFC

Lew Nason hits the nail right on the head. Lew’s analysis about selling Insurance (and for that matter any product – financial or otherwise) holds so true – we are ALL our own worst enemy at times. Each of us is our own worst enemy — Lew makes that case beyond any doubt. Lew’s salient points are a gentle reminder to us all, to always ensure that we attain, maintain, and provide, the highest standards of personal conduct to our clientele, our peers, our staff, our communities, but most importantly to ourselves. We are ultimately answerable for our actions. Great points are always made by Lew Nason and his lessons are always timely for every one of us.

George Flack, CFP, FPNA, AFAIM, RFC (USA) ““Money Management” Magazine’s 1996 & 2004 ” Australian Financial Planner of the Year”

Learning how to find quality prospects and convert them into quality clients is the lifeblood of any sales professional. But marketing and selling Life Insurance and Annuities is an art in and of itself. I’ve been training and coaching sales professionals for years in marketing and selling insurance, but I’ve learned to stay away from trying to help improve the results of life and annuity professionals. The skills and techniques needed to succeed in selling life insurance and annuities are unique to those industry specialties. Lew and Jeremy Nason… and their programs are right on the money. Learning from people who are experts in the Life and Annuity fields is extremely valuable. My advice is that if you are a Life Insurance professional or an Annuity professional, don’t bother spending your time or money with anyone else. Lew and Jeremy (and their programs at the Insurance Pro Shop) are the answer to your sales and marketing needs.

Michael Beck, Agency Marketing and Sales Coach

Most of the IMOs, agencies and agents across the country are struggling with their life insurance marketing, prospecting and sales programs in this troubled economy, especially here in hard hit California. Many of the agents and managers we work with have purchased sales systems, attended training courses with other groups and have been very dissatisfied with the overall sales results. Our primary objective is to enhance our agents’ business opportunities and professional development by providing them with the intensive marketing, prospecting and sales training they need, and then giving them the very best in broker support. That is why we’ve associated ourselves with Lew and Jeremy Nason, of the Insurance Pro Shop. They have put together a comprehensive life insurance marketing and sales system and training program that if studied and followed has already proven to produce consistent positive results. It gets back to the real basics and keeps it simple, so that no matter what the agents experience level, they will succeed.

Arsy Grindulo Jr. – CA, CEO of WFLife

Lew Nason made the term ‘Found Money Management’ famous in the financial industry

Bernard AndersonAnderson Financial Solutions Financial services for professional athletes.

The Insurance Pro Shop, directed by the ‘nine out of ten guys’ is worth more than money for insurance agents and financial planners.

Jim McCarty, Author… Showbiz SellingOver thirty years training insurance agents nation-wide.

“We all want our sales to take off, and Lew Nason tells how.”

Donald F. Pooley, CFP, CLU, CHFCinternationally recognized authority on the marketing of financial services. He has shared his knowledge with audiences of financial consultants in Australia, Chicago, Hong Kong, London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and all major (and a few minor) cities in Canada.

Lew Nason and Jeremy Nason of Dallas, GA, are emerging as the marketing consultants most in demand today for financial advisors and planners. There is a good reason why they are called The nine-out-of-ten guys!

Forrest Wallace Cato, RFC, RFMA, CRR, CPCLegendary Media Consultant To The Financial Services Industry

We publish the writings of America’s Lewis Nason because here in the Pacific-Rim he is regarded as the world’s most accomplished trainer for insurance agents and financial planners. We believe the ‘nine-out-of-ten man’ is without equal in the world. Nason has a well-proven record of empowering financial advisors to improve their sales performance.

Rameshvaran s/o Arunassiam, Editorial Director The Inspirator International

I’ve known Lew and Jeremy Nason for over 10 years, and I’ve personally seen the outstanding results agents and advisors have had using these systems. I highly recommend them!

Tim Smithfounder of Index Marketing Group one of the most productive marketing organizations. The #1 Marketer of Indexed Life and Annuity Products.

Lew and Jeremy… As you know, my late husband, Loren Dunton, invented financial planning and created what is today the multi-trillion dollar financial planning profession and industry. Loren originated the specialty discipline of financial planning because he believed people needed and deserved skilled help in protecting their assets, saving, growing their incomes, and achieving their money goals. If Loren were here today, I know that he would be very proud of you because you are exceptional financial planners who personify integrity, knowledge, excellent qualification, dedication, and the high standards Loren envisioned for “his” important and “new” profession. Thank you for helping people to solve their money problems and advance toward their financial objectives. Sincerely,
Marta B. Dunton, The First Lady Of Financial Planning

Marta B. Dunton, The First Lady Of Financial Planning

All who read or hear Lew Nason should find themselves in there someplace.

Vernon D. Gwynne, CFP, RFCFinancial planning pioneer and former Executive Director of the IAFP (now FPA)

During his career Lew Nason has helped more fraternal agents become highly successful producers than has any other source! He built an amazing record of selling nine-out-of-ten during his years as a producer.

LaNell Switzer, FIC, Editor Names, News & Nonsense®

If there is a better or more effective sales trainer than Lew Nason I am not aware of who it could be! Nason is one of the few who provides a good image among the many so-called gurus. I know Nason doesn’t like the word ‘guru’ so I will not call him one. He is the one sales trainer I know who tracks the results of those who apply his techniques and practices.

Mickey Greenfield, JD, Ph.D. Long Term Care® NewsletterDr. Greenfield is an attorney, nationally-known psychologist, and author of the book The Sales Slump Doctor Is In. He is a highly booked speaker for major events.

Among our most successful RTIAA members there are those who now achieve ‘nine-out-of-ten-closings’ in selling investment quality tangibles. They achieve this by following the exclusive strategies taught by Lew and Jeremy Nason at the Insurance Pro Shop.

Raquel McAninch, Executive Secretary, Registered Tangible Investment Advisors Association

Lew Nason empowers financial professionals to master their sales problems and turn their dream concepts into actual functioning realities. The ‘nine-out-of-ten’ guy has done this for agents and planners in all fifty states. Lew can show you how to get others to understand quickly and to act immediately.

Jan Cooper, Ph.D. Radio and TV Personality, Speaker, Author – Sell And Grow Rich!

The ‘nine out of ten guy’ renews minds and instills new sales skills that he created, and this ultimately transforms financial careers.

Paul RichardPresident, Institute of Consumer Financial Education The ICFE, Founded in 1982, helps consumers of all ages to improve their spending, savings, and use of credit.

There are so many crooks out there, it makes me sick sometimes. I was asked to write an article for a publication and in that article I said the only person I’ve ever read about that could really generate an honest lead was you…” “I’ve purchased all the credible annuity lead systems out there and yours is the only one that I believe will truly help agents.

Randy MurrayMr. Life Insurance, Creator of the ‘Murray System’, The Co-Founder and Board Member of the… ‘American Institute for Life Insurance Marketing’

“My experience with Lew is great service and excellent, creative, practical ideas!

Nikki RossAuthor of Lessons From The Legends Of Wall Street: How Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Phil Fisher, and John Templeton can help you grow rich.

Today Lew Nason is fast becoming a leader among sales and marketing consultants for financial advisors, because it is well proven – he helps financial professionals become far more successful!

Fred R. Kissling, CLU, MSPA, AEP, RFC Publisher Leaders: The Life Insurance Sales Digest®

Lew Nason is one of the leading marketing and sales coaches in the industry, and his Insurance Pro Shop training products are, in our opinion, the best training agents can buy. Lew’s training kits are comprehensive, inexpensive, and will teach you how to find prospects without buying expensive leads. Lew’s training packages will definitely take your sales to a new level whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional.

It is doubtful than any other sales trainer achieves the results that Lew Nason accomplishes for the agents and planners he helps! He empowers the clients he works with. Their quick improved results are the proof of the pudding.

Debbie Potts, Editor Fraternal Monitor®A magazine for agents, general agents, managers, and financial planners. The Fraternal Monitor serves as the trade magazine for the fraternal benefit system, publishing news about the fraternal benefit system, the life insurance industry and government regulatory agencies and business. Its articles are designed to interest, inform and educate readers about various topics concerning the system.

The reason Lew Nason is one of the hottest sales improvement gurus in our crowded financial industry is simply because he enables advisors to actually achieve significant sales increases and help more clients. He may not be the most entertaining. He may not be the funniest. He may not be the most dramatic. He may not be the loudest. He may not yell and wave his arms the most. He may not make the most promises! He may not advocate continually selling one vanity product after another. He may not advocate that you promise anything, use fear, high pressure, or ‘in-your-face’ tactics. But what Nason is recognized for is helping people actually achieve significant sales increases, plus acquire more clients, while adhering to high ethical standards and remaining in proper compliance. This is all that he is number one for.

Jeff Miller, Associate Editor Probe® Newsletter

The Insurance Pro Shop helps you find and implement Insurance Prospecting and Sales strategies, based on time-tested, proven techniques that will insure your short and long term success in today’s super-competitive financial services marketplace.

Lew Nason, creator and founder of the Insurance Pro Shop, has helped hundreds of agents become true annuity marketing masters…” “Now you can have unlimited access (24/7) to a treasure trove of the latest proven annuity marketing and sales secrets…” “Once you learn Lew’s annuity marketing and sales secrets, your business will become more consistent and very profitable… beyond what you ever thought possible!

Scott Wheeler, Regional Director Life Sales

Insurance sales training is a very specialized area, and Lew Nason has one of the most comprehensive resources for training on the internet.


Endorsements From Religious Leaders

Only a man who has years of highly successful practical experience in your specialty discipline can help you gain useable insights into how to improve your sales performance in the same demanding work. ‘The nine out of ten guy!’ is well-proven to be such an exception man. Lew Nason’s new and original insights for today are tempered with good old-fashioned common sense, which, sadly, is not so common as this used to be in the financial products and services industry. I recommend Lew Nason above all others.

Rev. Dr. John Clements BBC-TV Personality and Author of Make Your Wall Tumble.

We pray that God will continue to use Lew Nason to positively impact the lives of many.

Former Coach Bill McCartney Founder of Promise Keepers, acclaimed world-wide ministry for men

One of the world’s most powerful and articulate proponents in his specialty discipline is Lew Nason.

Charles (“Chuck”) W. Colson Founder of the world’s largest prison outreach.

Lew Nason is the one, and the only, sales improvement trainer that I recommend! Lew Nason became the ‘nine out of ten guy’ the hard way.  He earned this title as an agent and planner.  He can make you a ‘nine out of ten’ person also.

Rev. Dr. John Clements BBC-TV personality, Author, Make Your Walls Tumble

I admire Lew Nason for the success of his mission. To get people to act immediately in their own best interest.

Rabbi Harold S. Kushner, World Jewish Leader, Author – When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Lew Nason helps you see new possibilities.

Rev. Dr. David Yonggi Cho Pastor world’s largest church, located in Soul, Korea.

Lew Nason’s message flows from a timeless, truth-filled, fountainhead.

Rev. Dr. Jack W. Hayford, One of the world’s most beloved pastors.

We all need improved success. It is possible to have it.  Lew Nason can help you get it.

Rev. Dr. Robert H. Schuller, Host of the TV Series, Hour of Power Founding Pastor, Crystal Cathedral

Endorsements From Celebrities

I believe the Insurance Pro Shop is without equal for insurance agents and financial planners. The record shows that Lew Nason can advance the sales abilities of those who offer financial products and services.

Judith Lasch, Host of the TV series, Focus On New York

There is much that is unique and original about that which Lew Nason and his Insurance Pro Shop make available exclusively for those who want improved results.

David K. Straight, CEO Eagle’s Nest Homes Houses in seventeen countries.

There is no better formula for success than that offered by Lew Nason. Lew has defined and simplified that which is in each of us but often overlooked.

Lou Holtz, Former Head Football Coach University of South Carolina

Lew Nason enables you to gain psychological insights, when looking at yourself or others. He makes it possible for us to be more successful and understanding.

Steve Allen, Deceased Comedian, Songwriter, Actor, Author Creator and Host of NBC TV’s Tonight Show

“Lew Nason can be useful for helping make champions.”

Bruce Jenner – Author, Finding The Champion Within Olympic Gold Medal Winner

“I think Lew Nason provides a clear and concise analysis.”

Art Linkletter, TV Personality, Speaker Author, Old Age Is Not For Sissies
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