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Hi, my name is Gina Tang, your career builder & financial doctor

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The Financial Doctor has a simple story. To deliver on our promises to everyone with our vision of delivering of peace of mind in times of need. Stemming from a deep passion to live our values to do good, be good and make good, everyday to everyone.

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For maximum benefits and security for your  family.

Gina Tang

I am a single mom. I have 4 children.  2008 was my critical year.  My family was broken a part when my son  was just 1 month old. I lost 5 houses in the market crash.  After that incident, I decided to open the tutoring center to teach kids from K-12 while I have no experience being a business owner.   A lot of struggle and suffering during those years but  I pursue my teaching career with all my passionate until I found Financial opportunity and a CAREER FOR LIFE TIME.

Undergraduate: BS: Financial Management
Degree: MBA

My finance skill


Business Management

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctoral’s  Degree

Educator – Tutor – Trainer

Owner – Bach Khoa Learning Center


  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities


Financial Independence                                                        23
Plan Retirement                                                                         55
Unlimited Income                                                                      70
Average Income Rate                                                              70
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